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Details of The 2 Day Practitioner Level Course – Creating Change
IEMT is a rapid change therapy for unwanted emotions and ways of being. On day one participants discover how to use eye movements with the IEMT algorithms to resolve unwanted emotional imprints. On day two issues relating to unwanted ways of being, that have been identified with are explored. The purpose of the processes taught is to facilitate an insightful, logical, rational recall of the originating events and ways of being, stopping them from negatively informing a client’s current responses to life.

Day 1. Emotional Engineering – Depotentiating Imprints of Emotion with IEMT

• Introduction to the IEMT Structure

• Eye Movement and Accessing Cues

• Introductory Exercise and Calibration of Representational Change

• The IEMT Basic Pattern and Imprint Tracking

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Time Coding

• The IEMT Complex Pattern


Day 2. Identity Reimprinting – Updating Our Way of Being with IEMT

• Introduction to the Structure of Identity

• Four References – I, Me, Self, You

• The IEMT Identity Pattern (Simple form)

• The IEMT Identity Pattern (Complex Form)

• Physiological State Accessing Cues

• Changing Unconscious State Accessing

• Changing The Negative Kino-Somatic Imprint

Certification, if required, is subject to the completion of required elements to a satisfactory standard. Please see ‘Terms and Conditions’.

It is possible to take the course purely for personal development (rather than as a practitioner)  if you wish but this does not include certification.

Price on application.

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